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Leftover Bento

Here's one with leftovers from a couple of meals.  Leftover steak, broccoli, zucchini, okinawan potato, grilled bell peppers, and brown rice.  Added 2 Morning Star farms Chick'n nuggets and grape tomato.  Easy Peasy.

The 3-tier-extra-long-day bento

The hubs has been working extra long days lately.  I packed a regular bento for him yesterday and it wasn't enough food.  Hate it when that happens.  I tried to include more today.  Don't want the poor fella to go hungry.

Tier 1: Simple salad with carrot sticks, cherry tomatoes, and shoyu in the chococat cup (hubs doesn't do dressing).
Tier 2: Quinoa spaghetti noodles
Tier 3: Garlic toast, mixed nuts
Sides: Homemade bolognese, Ritz crackerfuls (cheese), Belvita.

All packed up, ready to go!

Sticker Sandwich Bento

Pretty drab bento.  Sandwiches are the go-to lunch for when there's no leftovers or if I'm too lazy to do any thinking.  LOL.  Dressed up this ham sandwich with some cute kitty cats.  

Kitty cat sandwich, celery sticks, strawberries, grapes, blackberries.  Included some chips to go into my husband's lunch bag.  Then I called it a night!      

Omurice with cheese flowers and leftovers

I think my husband's favorite lunch foods is omuraise.  We ate at a ramen place the other night and had some left over fried rice that I took home and turned into this bento.  We also had some leftover gyoza and chicken katsu (who leaves gyoza for the next day?!)  :D

Omurice, gyoza, chicken katsu, carrots, cucumber, pepper (he doesn't eat peppers... this was the only thing left), strawberries and grapes, and lucky candy for dessert.

Grilled Hot Dog Bento

Still bento-ing, amazingly.  I went on a 2 year hiatus and I'm doing this regularly for the hubs now.  I'm surprised I'm keeping up!  

Grilled hot dog on a whole wheat bun, ketchup, homemade salsa (ziploc bag of tortilla chips on the side), mini bell pepper, carrots, lucky candy and hershey's dark chocolate kisses for dessert.  

I bought a new camera last year and unfortunately, it's not taking food pictures as well as my old camera.  I need to toy with it a little bit more.  There must be a setting that works!

Veggie Pizza Bento

Me and one of my good girlfriends took a field trip to the swap meet last weekend.  I figured I should pack a bento instead of buying french fries and diet coke at the concession stand (our swap meet used to be an old drive in movie theater!).  Anywho, I made some veggie pizzas and packed them in a 3 tier bento box:

There were two tiers that looked exactly the same with a slice of veggie pizza, 3 morning star farms chicken nuggets and ranch dressing in the cup.  The last tier had grapes and lychees for us to share. :)

'Till next time!  

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack!!!

Hello my foodie friends!  Where the heck have I been, right?! I've been working crazy busy like a fool.  I haven't had time to post, let alone make a cute lunch, in eons.  But good news! I'm free during the summer! WOOHOO!!! That means I can make my husband awesome bento lunches and I can make more meals from scratch.  Granted, lunches might not be on the "cute" side, but that's okay, right?! :)

Here's my very first post after my uber long hiatus:

Ham and cheese sandwich, grapes, carrots, strawberry.  And a flag.  Yunno, for funsies.  :)

'Till next time!

Hamtaro Ochazuke

There was once upon a time that I was afraid of the word "ochazuke."  I saw aisles of packets at the grocery store that bared the name OCHAZUKE! and I was very intimidated by it.  A few months ago, I saw 2 people in the "ochazuke" section of the grocery store and decided to pick up a pack to try it out...whatever it was.  I got a pack that had a cute little Hamtaro on it.  How bad could something be with a hamster on the package???

So, I found out, via Wikipedia, of course, that ochazuke is a Japanese rice dish where tea and dashi are poured over rice for a simple meal, similar to cereal and milk.  It is usually topped with savory toppings.  

Unable to decipher the Japanese instructions on my packet of ochazuke, I decided to use my spidey sense.  I put in about a cup of rice into a bowl, poured in equal parts of green tea and instant dashi.  MmmmMmm. Smelled nice.  Then I opened my packet of ochazuke and dumped it on top only to find this:

Yes, those are little hamsters staring at you.  Aren't they sooooo cute???

The packet contained nori, crispy little rice crackers, seasoning, and hamster heads.  It was so delicate and so delicious I wondered what I ever did without the dish ochazuke before!

So kiddos, don't forget to try something new, exciting, and maybe even completely foreign to you.  Might be something tasty!
My hubby wanted bologna.  He truly is weird sometimes.  I couldn't just put a pack of bologna in his lunch bag, which is what he wanted.  That's just kinda gross.  So off we go with another pseudo lunchables bento.

(click for larger image)
Turkey balogna, cheese slices, sliced turkey, cucumber, whole wheat crackers, beef and cheese stick, champagne grapes.


It was my birthday recently and all I wanted to do was have a proper tea party! LOL.  I wanted to drink out of antique-y tea cups and have finger sandwiches.  So 'tis what I did!

I went to Tea at 1024.  It was such a great experience that I'm making up special occasions just so I can do it again.  The owner was super nice and I applaud my husband and Dad for putting on costumes and speaking in an English accent just to please me.

(click for larger image)
Spinach, strawberry, feta cheese salad.

(click for larger image)
Jasmine tea.

(click for larger image)
Chocolate mousse, brownie, scones, lemon curd mousse, clotted cream and preserves in the back.

(click for larger image)
Assortment of finger sandwiches: cucumber, cheese, egg, crab and olive, smoked salmon, curried chicken.

Why is it that LJ won't let me rotate my pictures? I even uploaded them to my scrapbook, twisted it, and then tried uploading that.  No cigar.  Shucks.  Way to be a birthday picture ruiner, LJ. 

'Till next time!

Hello, old friend!

 Has it really been 3 months since I've checked in last?  I'm sorry, my old friends!  But never fear, I have many updates and restaurant reviews to blog about.  

I haven't been bento-ing lately because I've got nowhere to go to take my lovely lunches.  My husband does let me create him one sometimes for work, though, so I have a few to share with all of you.  

My husband's favorite lunch of all time would have to be omurice.  He and his friends dubb it the "FRO," or fried rice omelette.  Here's one that I made for him recently:

Fried rice omelette with cheese hearts, side salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, and shoyu in the Keroppi cup

I promise to log in more, my old friends!  I've got TONS to talk about!!!



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